Types of Massage:

Types of Massage:


Long, smooth and connected strokes with light to moderate pressure

Deep Tissue

Firm to heavy pressure with compressions and Trigger point therapy applied. Often combined with Swedish. Intent is to get to deep muscle where tension points originate. This is achieved after relaxing superficial muscle layers.


A balance of Swedish and deep tissue therapy that encourages that core breath to escape in a sign of relief.

Couple’s Therapy

Have your choice of massage with your companion and journey towards the path of rejuvenation together, the way it was intended to be. (consider an upgrade and add a winters wrap)


Swedish or deep Swedish massage during a season when the ultimate women incubates the most amazing thing. A child so precious and delicate but ohhhh what a women must go through to deliver such ultimate perfection.


Deep Tissue combined with vigorous movements to relax muscle including stretching.

Hot Stone

Basalt rocks heated to melt away aggravated muscles caused by everyday stress. Such a must have. Prepare to receive an experience you must have a least once a year, maybe 2 or 3 won’t hurt but overwhelm your senses demanding the stress of life away.

Facial Massage

(High Quality Products Used) Warm or Cold towels, clay mask, sugar scrub, natural toner, moisturizer, music, caring hands used, all to encourage wrinkles away caused by stress and tension.

Body Wraps

Seasonally prepared/ varies often
– Summer Wraps
– Lovers Wraps for couples
– Winter Wraps
– Paraffin Wraps
– Salt Scrub Wraps
– Wraps: Large fabric used for warmth or to encase ingredients used during session